søndag 31. mai 2015

Art Journal in progress

Helo and happy happy Sunday 😊 
Today I just wanna stopping by and show you what i am working with right now. Working is a wrong Word in this matter. I rather say playing. I have no Idea of what the finish results will be. I just play along 😃 

Wish you all a wonderful Sunday and a joyfull creative week 🌸 
Tomorrow I will be traveling to a beautiful little town called Brønnøysund and will attend something called "Brønnøysundregistrenes Brukerforum" for two days, but I will take with me my little Art Journal and do some droodling when its possible 😊 Because i am addicted to Art Journaling 🎨📚

I will come back and show you what these creative Art Journal pages turn into when I am satisfied with the results 👍😊

Hugs from Niti 💜

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