Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Ticket please - metal in my Art Journal - step by step

Hi and welcome
I think I am in a flow these days. I keep on bursting of all creativity and ideas for new stunning artwork - hihi..... But it is a lovely feeling and I am so pleased that I have the opportunity to make art. And I hope I inspired others to do the same.

Today I'll show you my Art Journal page that was inspired by the Metallica concert me and my husband was on last Thursday in my hometown Bergen in Norway. I hope you know Metallica....If you don't I can briefly tell you that Metallica is an American heavy metal band formed in Los Angeles, California. Metallica was formed in 1981 when vocalist/guitarist James Hetfield responded to an advertisement posted by drummer Lars Ulrich in a local newspaper.
Metallica has been listed as one of the greatest artists of all time by many magazines, including Rolling Stone, which ranked them 61st on its list of The 100 Greatest Artists of All Time. So now you know a little of Metallica :-)

I'm in for the Challenge Ticket Please over at Simon Says Stamp. Here is the link to the site

And here is my Metallica inspired Art Journal Page - With my ticket as a part of the art:

I love going to concerts and I'm sure we went for about four or five concerts each year both at home and abroad. Now in September we travel to Stocholm and experience U2 in "Globen", than in november this year it'ss Melody Gardot in Grieghallen in my home town. Earlier this year we experience Ryan Adams, also in my home town. Oh, Lucky me :-)

But now over to my newest page in my big Art Journal from Dylusions. I startet with the background - off course ;) Since the colour of the metal band Metallica is for the most, black, grey, blue, white and gold I og for these five colours on my page. I painted With a brush acrylic Paint and scrub over it With a tongue brush when the Paint where still wet, and use a note stamp to stamp notes here and there.
Then I grab my new stencil from Dina Wakley and used black and white acrylic paint and stab the paint on with a mini blending tool from Ranger. I also used a stencil called Dot Fade from Tim Holtz collection. Then I stamped some basic background from Dylusions and the Memoirs stamp from Rubber Dance.   In addition, I stamped notes with gold acrylic Paint.
I took a Tag and and used it to wipe up the rest of the paint on the workbench so I cut it and stamped notes With gold acrylic Paint, and the Collage Elements I stamp from Rubber Dance and I used the blending tool With Distress Ink black soot around the edge.

The guitars and lyrics I found on the internet. And of course the ticket it's my own that I used on Thursday at the Metallica concert. It was a very good concert. Very good music and very good atmosphere :-)
Here is some close ups:
Here is the final result. I am very pleased with it. I hope you enjoyed it and that I gave you some inspiration.

Let art meet art <3
Hope you will give me a comment just so I know you're out there :-) And please come and visit me again soon.
Hugs, Niti/Anita
oh, I almost forgot - I paintet the letters in Metallica with gold acrylic paint. Just so you know it :-)

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

I am sending you flowers - just because you are you

Helo and welcome to my world

As you can see at the sidebar I am one of the Lucky winners of ToT stencil Challenge. I am so happy! This was awsome! You can read more of the Challenge by cliking here:

And just because i am so thrilled I'm joining in for the newest Challenge over at ToT for this month with the theme Sending you flowers. Here is my contribution. I hope I win with this one to ;-)

If your're Lucky enough to be different, never change.

AND because there is also a lot of circles on this piece of art I'am also joining in for the Challenge over at Paperartsy with the theme circles . You can find out more by this link:

This is a Art Journal page with a lot of texture and colours and  I'm actually very happy with the result. Here I'm using stencils, neocolors II, gelatos, acrylic paint, rubberstamps and white and black Posca pen.

I hope you stay tuned until I come back with more. By the way it has now start raining....again, here in Bergen, Norway so now I have plenty of time to make more art. Never so bad that it is not good for something :-)

Hope you come back soon, and do leave me a comment below, it is very much appreciated.

Hugs, Niti/ANita <3

Another Art Journal Spread - this time a litle rock & roll inspired

Hello and welcome.

Me and my husband was on Metallica concert Thursday. That was awesome! Heavy guitars and a great atmosphere was just what I needed :-) So I get inspired to make this Journal Page spread:


I also have some step by step pictures just to please you if you are interested, just give me a comment. I've finally got me the Dylusions. Paint. They have I wished for a long time. And yeah it is as lovely  color as people have alleged :-)

So today I've used Dylusions paint, stencil, Distress Ink, Neocolor II, as well as black and white pen. I started with a stencil and some colors in Distress. When I was happy with the background I sprayed with Fixative so not my background was smeared. If you want step by step tut. with pictures please let me know, okey :-)

I will soon come back and show you some more. Stay tuned!

Hugs from Niti/Anita <3

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Step by step tutorial - colourful butterfly

Hi and welcome to my blog
This time I will show you step by step how to do this one like I promised you at my latest post.

 If you dont remember it or if you are a brand new visitor of my blog you can take a look by clicking here.

I told you in my post of August 15 (you can find the post here), that we dont have any summer here as I live...... but now we have it! It is an absolutely wonderful weather. Hot and sun from a cloudless sky. Had it like for a week now, yay! :-)

But now back to the butterfly:

1. First smear gesso all over the Art Journal page

2. Acrylic Paint in color light green, green, pink, yellow, ligth orange and purple

3. Add some gesso here and there to tie the colors together

4. Then I added some more Paint in the same colours
5. then some stamps from the Rubber Dance Collection. This beautiful butterflies wings is from the set called Collage Elements I

 6. More stamps from Rubber Dance. This is from the Collection called Antique Botanicals

7. Then I draw a half butterfly with my black pen. I hope you can see it on the Picture below

8. Finaly I used black acrylic paint and paintet around the butterfly wings

 9. And for the last but not least i used the Antique Botanicals stamp from Rubber Dance and emossed them with silver embossing powder, and some doodling around them

And here it is. I hope you like it and that my step by step was inspiring and helpful.

Before the sun rose in the morning this week, I made this little work of art. I am very satisfied with this one.

All stamps I've used comes from Rubber Dance

You are very welcome to visit me again soon and leave me a comment.
Until you visit me again, have a wonderful day!

Hugs Niti/Anita <3

Sunday, 16 August 2015

How to get depth, pattern and life into your artwork - step by step tut.

Hello and welcome.
I hope you are feeling fine. I am doing fine, have a lot of fun ideas that I hankering to get tested out, but first thing first. I'd promised you to come back and show you step by step how to get depth, pattern and life into your artwork. So here we go :-)

 On canvas I always started with white Gesso, using a spatel, creditcard, babywipe or a brush.
On this canvas, I tore up many pieces from an old book and glued them down with Mod Pogde as it shows  at the picture below:

And then I tore up some pieces from a cardboard box and glued them on with Mod Pogde. It does not show here, but  I also inflicted gesso on cardboard pieces just to get the right colour on the paint I will apply.
Then I took my acrylic Paint in the colour pink, purple, green, yellow and turquis and smeared Paint on with a baby wipe, as shown below:

so I picked up many exciting and fun stencils and inflicted the same colors that I had used on the background. And of course no art without the use of Stamps :-) I'd used stamps and stamped some pattern in the same colourpalett as the background and some pattern in black ink. I hope you can see it. I know, it was not any good quality of these Pictures. I'm sorry about that.

Finaly I used a clover-stencilmask from Dylusion and a blending tool and Paint around the stencilmask With the colour turquoise, and a stencil from Tim Holtz Collection called Dot Fade here and there around the image, and some black stripes with my creditcard. I Draw around the edges of the clover with a black Posca pen.
And voila it became this litle piece of art :-)
I hope this was helpful and inspiring and gave you a taste for more so you come back soon.
If you are Norwegian/Scandinavian or just familiar with the language, check out my post on Rubber Dance Scandinavian blog. There I have posting doodling and Neocolors II on aquarellepaperIt is very fun and you can not stop once you've started, I promise you :-)
Next time I will show you step by step from my Art Journal among other things this:
 - and maybe some more.
Dont go away - stay tuned!
Hugs from me to you

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Hot'n Crazy Art Journal - some inspiration for Mixed Media Art

In my last post - as you can see by clicing here, I did promise you to come up with some madness, and here it is:


Another dobble page in my Art Journal. This time I use warm colours just to get some summer feeling. We have not had any summer yet, in my opinion, where I live in Norway, then I found out that I paint the summer feeling instead :-)

I think of summer as warm red, orange, turquise and yellow so i've used these colours - unless the yellow, for the background. Then I stamp different flowers all over the page, and stamp a Board around the page. Then I took some gesso on my finger and rub it in here and there on the page, just to get the colors to blend nicely together.

I took a lot of different stencils and make some very nice pattern and depth to my page using exactly the same colors that I used for the background, and I also used yellow. Then I used some rubber stamps both from Dylusions and from Rubber Dance to make some more pathern and life to the page using black and white ink. I cut out the big bird, lady's face and body from Magazines and the rest of the images I stamped, cut out and colored them with Distress Ink and Promarker Pens. Then I glued all Down to the page. The small flowers I find in my stuff, glue them down and slew them with a small dot of Liqued Pearls on each petals.  Around the edge I used my white pen here and there.

Here is some close ups for you:

I am in to these fun Challenge with my Hot'n Crazy Art Journal page:

Try it on tuesday - Use Stencils

Our Creative Corner - Mexico Moods

Next time I will, among other Things, show you step by step  how to get depth, pattern and life in you artwork. I hope you will visit my blog and leave me a comment it is very much appreciated.

Until next time - Go crazy :-)

Hugs, Niti

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

My art on canvas - Everything is possible and Good things are going to happen

it's so good to see that you came and visit me. I hope you are doing fine.

I've had so much fun this days by making these canvases, The first one I called 'Everything is possible'. I started With gesso all over the canvas (30 * 40 cm), then I had som washi tape in the midle. I used some gesso Wash all over and then I draw the Girls face and took my Creons and draw some circles. And a stencil for some pattern. If you take a look at my post of yesterday you can see how it looks like. You can find the post by cliking here

If you want a tutorial - step by step please let me know and a will post a step by step with picture for you..... Maybe I should try to make a live tutorial? Would that be interesting? Please let me know, okey?

What do you think of my art? I am very satisfied with my work.


And this one I called 'Good Things are going to happen'. This is also canvas 24*30 cm. On this one I used paper from a old book and some pieces from a cardboard Box, acrylic Paint, and some stencils and rubberstamps.

And just because I've used so much pattern and gorgeous textures on this canvas I will try my luck  over at Mixed Media World, for this Challenge - MMW'#6: Gorgeous Textures, With my 'Good Things are going to happen' (I do hope so anyway).

There is a lot more bright colour in both canvases, but unfortunately it don't appear on the photo. They looks better in live :-)

Okey, that was it for today; I hope you will leave me a comment and also let me know if you want a tutorial. I will be happy to show you a step by step :-)

Until the next time have a great time and make something beautiful <3
I will soon come back and show you something madness ;-)

Hugs from Niti/Anita

Monday, 10 August 2015

A litte sneak peak on my newest art under progress

I just pop by to give you a little sneak peak on my newest art on canvas.
Already now i can tell you that I'mm very satisfied with where this is going. Wait and see.

Come back to my blog tomorow, okey? :-)

Until then - have a super creative time!

Hugs from Niti

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Some art from the heart and some funny cool things

I just wanna pop by and show you some of my artwork I'l been doing lately, and tell you that I've had my first post as a Designer over at Rubber Dance Norwegian/Skandinavian Blog, take a look by cliking here.
This Art Journal page as you see below I called "Du er Vakker" - "You are beautiful", just to remind you, and me, we are beautiful just the way we are. 

The beautiful Flowers and the butterflies are rubberstamps from Rubber Dance. Rubber Dance is the place you will get all your rubberstamps from. Take a look, they are beautiful, all of them.

On this one below, the birdie one -that's also an Art Journal page. For the background I used gesso then a stencil. This time the stencil is not only as a stencil, but also as a stamp with acrylic paint. And some smaal birdy stamps.
 I've jused rubberstamps for the twig and colored it with Distress ink in different shades of green and and Liquid Pearls in the colour Key Lime, the bird is from a napkin that I cut out and clue on the page. The text is a norwegian pun; In the norwegian language can you use the same word on a twig as if you're sad and cry.... Do you get it?
Oh my - I'am so bad in english...Sometime I feel like Petter Solberg, the norwegian race car driver you know :-) Take a look at You Tube and search for "Petter Solberg english" than you know :-))

I am so glad that you came by and visit my blog, and I do hope you will come back soon.
I would be very happy if you leave me a comment.

Psssst: Next time I will show you art on canvas - with a tutorial of course :-)

Hugs from Niti

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Because I'm Happy - Me, the thrilled member of a marvelous Design Team

Helo you Sweeties

It’s Sunday today, but it’s not just only a Sunday, it is a very special Sunday for me. It’s now official that I’ve become a very proud member of the Rubber Dance Skandinavian Design Team J And I’m just overthrilled. This is a dream come true.

Not only do I get the opportunity to show my artistic skills, but I get in addition allowed to become acquainted with many wonderful artistic people around the world. Where we can both support, encourage, and last but not least, inspire each other. No wonder I’m happy :-)

You can read more about Me, Rubber Dance, Bibi (the big Boss and the Designer and Developer of the beautifull Rubber Stamps), and all the other remarkable Design Team members here

And to celebrate the good things I've just made this marvelous piece of art - if I do say so myself :-)

This background is a bit special. I have used clingfilm from the kitchen. The technique is simple but ingenious, and I just loooove the result.

This time I just used stamps from Rubber Dance. You can find and buy all the stamps I have used and even more fantastic rubber Stamps here

I realy do hope you want to come back and visit me on my blog, cause here is a lot of inspiration and glory, and it's just getting better and better.

If you want a step by step tutorials, or/and want to know which equipment I used on this Art Journal page, please write me a comment and I promise you both answer you and also Publish a step by step tut on my blog. Just to make you happy :-)

Finally, I would just like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Bibi (the big Boss over at Rubber Dance) who have given me this opportunity. I am very glad that I have discovered you and your wonderful stamps. Must of course emphasize that you are also a very talented artist and a lovely human being.

Until next time - Be Happy and give the world a big happy SMILE!

Hugs, Niti/Anita x