søndag 2. august 2015

Because I'm Happy - Me, the thrilled member of a marvelous Design Team

Helo you Sweeties

It’s Sunday today, but it’s not just only a Sunday, it is a very special Sunday for me. It’s now official that I’ve become a very proud member of the Rubber Dance Skandinavian Design Team J And I’m just overthrilled. This is a dream come true.

Not only do I get the opportunity to show my artistic skills, but I get in addition allowed to become acquainted with many wonderful artistic people around the world. Where we can both support, encourage, and last but not least, inspire each other. No wonder I’m happy :-)

You can read more about Me, Rubber Dance, Bibi (the big Boss and the Designer and Developer of the beautifull Rubber Stamps), and all the other remarkable Design Team members here

And to celebrate the good things I've just made this marvelous piece of art - if I do say so myself :-)

This background is a bit special. I have used clingfilm from the kitchen. The technique is simple but ingenious, and I just loooove the result.

This time I just used stamps from Rubber Dance. You can find and buy all the stamps I have used and even more fantastic rubber Stamps here

I realy do hope you want to come back and visit me on my blog, cause here is a lot of inspiration and glory, and it's just getting better and better.

If you want a step by step tutorials, or/and want to know which equipment I used on this Art Journal page, please write me a comment and I promise you both answer you and also Publish a step by step tut on my blog. Just to make you happy :-)

Finally, I would just like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Bibi (the big Boss over at Rubber Dance) who have given me this opportunity. I am very glad that I have discovered you and your wonderful stamps. Must of course emphasize that you are also a very talented artist and a lovely human being.

Until next time - Be Happy and give the world a big happy SMILE!

Hugs, Niti/Anita x

3 kommentarer:

  1. Welcome to my Design Team, Niti! ♥ I'm so happy to have you on board!!! :) I love your artwork, you know!
    Thank you for making this beautiful piece of art. I LOVE the happy colours, and the background technique is one of my faves to do. Such cool results!
    I look forward to seeing more artwork with my stamps, and I'm so grateful that you wanted to be on my Design Team!
    Let the fun begin! :))

  2. Thank you som much, Bibi. I'm SO HAPPY to be a part of your wonderful Design Team. And yes, let the fun begin! Yop Yop :-))

  3. Welcome to this fab team! I LOVE your journal pages - so richly coloured.


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