tirsdag 11. august 2015

My art on canvas - Everything is possible and Good things are going to happen

it's so good to see that you came and visit me. I hope you are doing fine.

I've had so much fun this days by making these canvases, The first one I called 'Everything is possible'. I started With gesso all over the canvas (30 * 40 cm), then I had som washi tape in the midle. I used some gesso Wash all over and then I draw the Girls face and took my Creons and draw some circles. And a stencil for some pattern. If you take a look at my post of yesterday you can see how it looks like. You can find the post by cliking here

If you want a tutorial - step by step please let me know and a will post a step by step with picture for you..... Maybe I should try to make a live tutorial? Would that be interesting? Please let me know, okey?

What do you think of my art? I am very satisfied with my work.


And this one I called 'Good Things are going to happen'. This is also canvas 24*30 cm. On this one I used paper from a old book and some pieces from a cardboard Box, acrylic Paint, and some stencils and rubberstamps.

And just because I've used so much pattern and gorgeous textures on this canvas I will try my luck  over at Mixed Media World, for this Challenge http://mixedmediaworld.blogspot.no/2015/08/mmw6-gorgeous-textures.html - MMW'#6: Gorgeous Textures, With my 'Good Things are going to happen' (I do hope so anyway).

There is a lot more bright colour in both canvases, but unfortunately it don't appear on the photo. They looks better in live :-)

Okey, that was it for today; I hope you will leave me a comment and also let me know if you want a tutorial. I will be happy to show you a step by step :-)

Until the next time have a great time and make something beautiful <3
I will soon come back and show you something madness ;-)

Hugs from Niti/Anita

4 kommentarer:

  1. Fab, bright colours, I love colour in art ;)
    Thanks for joining us at MMW and good luck
    Donna Xxx

  2. Lovely bright colours on both - I love that!
    It would be great to see a tutorial to learn how you make your textures and layers.
    Good things are going to happen! They already have and they will continue to in the future. That's my motto and belief anyway :)))

  3. Thank you, bibi :) I will soon be posting some step by step tut. of how to make texture and layers.


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