Thursday, 22 October 2015

The 22nd Top Talent - Our Creative Corner

Hello and welcome my dearest friends!

Today I have the honor to be the 22nd. Top Talent over at Our Creative Corner. I am so exited and happy. Thank you for choosing me!

You can read a little interview of me and see the canvas I made for this occasion by clicing here.

This is the canvas that I made:

You can see both interview and som more details of my canvas by visiting Our Creative Corner.

The stamps I have been used on this canvas you can buy at Rubber Dance Stamp online store. If you want to save some money on your order you can use the code Anita2015 and get 15% off. Isnt that nice? :-)

If you want to I can give you a step by step how I did this canvas. Just leave me a comment.

Thank you for stopping by - I hope to see you back soon. Take care!



Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Happy Birthday!

Hello and welcome

Today, just because I have birthday, I want to show you my canvas that I made - inspired by the very talented Nika (nikainwonderland), for a present to my self :-))

Happy birthday to me and everyone else who has a birthday today!

I wish you a very nice day! Thank you for stopping by. See you soon.

PS. Come and visit me tomorrow, okey? (There is something going on.....)


Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Make your own (art) book - step by step

Hello and welcome

Today I want to show you something awsome! I have found a new super hobby: Make my own book. Yes, you read correctly, I have made my own book, and it was awsome. I looooove it! I want to do more of this!

The front of the book
The back of the book
Of course I will show you step by step how I did it

Here is a overlock picture from my worktable:

As binders I have used cardboard in size 15 x 20,5 cm. I have outside of the cardboard glued down a piece of fabric and sewn onto a heart in the lace fabric. I've sewn and glued back and glued gauze surface before I measured, cut and paste on cardboard.

And inside the book? Well,  there is everything from notes, sketches, recipespainting techniquesartworks of my little daughter at 2 1/2, and drawings from other kids that have been visiting and drawed og painted, knitting patterns, interior design tips, etc. Yes, everything that interests me it is this book. It's both, handwritten as well as cutout form magazines and old book etc.

There are also bits of whimsy and envelopes in this book. This is an brilliant way to reuse. Take all you have left of your bills (after you have paid them off course), advertising, wallpaper remnants, fabrics .... well everything goes, it's just your imagination that stop you

Everything is in A4 format and then I folded the sheets so that they then become A5.

I put them together every four sheets fold them out and sew with a sewing machine in the middle. It goes about 15 such batchers in one book.

Art from my daughter :-)

I hope I inspired you to do your own (art) book. It was very fun to do, I promise you :-)

Now I am gonna make a Christmas (art) book. I can show you it when I'm done, so make shore you stay tuned so you don't miss a thing ;-)

If you have any question just use the comment field below. I hope to see you soon. Thank you so much for stopping by. And if you make you own book I would looove to see it - please send me a picture of it.

Hugs from ME 2 YOU

Thursday, 15 October 2015

October Challenge - Rubber Dance Stamps

Hello and welcome to my post of Autumn.

I love autumn! That is my favorite season. That's because I have birthday in the autumn, but also because I like to enjoy myself inside with candles, deer stew, fire in the fireplace and curl up well in the couch with a good glass of wine and maybe a good series on Netflix :-) And I can also go to my studio and be creative with a good conscience.

Today I want to show you a Art Journal Page I just did With the gorgeous stamps from Rubber Dance. Remember to join in on the Challenge over at Rubber Dance and you can win some of these beautiful stamps I've used on this page.

I was based in the colors for October and the theme:

October Challenge:
And here is my contribution to the month Challenge - I called it "The Tree of Love":
The tree of love
 I have drawn the body of the deer. Are not completely satisfied, think it looks more like a dog ... LoL
The stamps I've been use is:
- Deer head is from Frosty Friends
- The bird is from Frosty Friends
- The cones is from Frosty Friends
- The weed is from Weed Love
All the stamps I've been used and much more you can find and buy at Rubber Dance online store. If you use the discount code Anita2015 you will get 15% of.

I hope I will see you soon - until then have a wonderfull day

Hugs, Niti/Anita

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Happy colours in Art Journal - step by step

Hello and welcome to my world of art <3

Today I will show you an double art journal page that I'm very proud of.
I will first inform you that I have been inspired by the lovely Mimi Bondi. She is one of the most talented artist I know of, So I dedicate this page to her.

I have used many different colors in bright tones and painted layers and layers...
I have only used my fingers to apply the Paint.

I've also used rubber stamps, gold ink, black ink and stencil.

Here is some close ups of the pages:


For the big elephant I have used stencil. On the first page I've using black Dylusions Paint on the body and bubblegum pink on the ears.

On the second page I lay the stencil down on the page, draw around inside the stencil and then I painted with black paint strokes until after taking away the stencil. Then I used the Dot Fade Stencil from Tim Holtz Collection on the black.

I am very proud of this pages. I think they were absolutely gorgeous, if I may say so. What do you think? Please leave me a comment and also come and visit med again.

Hugs from Anita/Niti

Friday, 9 October 2015

An illustrative Art journal page - the story of my life

Helo and welcome

Today is the day I'm going to tell you my dearest followers and friends whats up. I think there has been enough secrets now and I like to be honest.

I've been a little off and on at my blog now recently and it is because I have been (and is) very ill. Some days are worse than others and then I have to rest and not do anything at all, just lay down in a quiet and dark room.

I'm under examination and have been to many neurologists, now, Wednesday this week I was in the capital with a neurologist. I've always had a thought about which disease who have set up camp with me but I have not until now been the ascertainable from a neurologist that I suffer from M.E. - Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.
I have been referred to the very best specialists in this area in Norway; Haukeland Hospital in my hometown, where  I will get a proper assessment during the spring / summer 2016. As you probably understand by the long wait is very long queue to get to the assessment on the hospital. So I have to be patient and just rest as much as I can - and of course do some art. Art is therapy for me so when I feel a little better and is able to sit upright in a bright room I do crafting.

So, my dear friends this is my life story. And just to illustrate how I am feeling right now I made this Art Journal Page. I think it's speaks for it's self.....

I would greatly appreciate a note from you. Maybe you want to put words in my picture, or just say helo?

Big hugs, Niti/Anita
And always remember; Remember yesterday, Think of tomorrow, but Live today!
(because you never know you know.....)

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Dare to belive - A new art journal page

Helo and welcome

I have a short post today just to show you that I'm still alive :-)
I know it is a long time since my last post, but I have my personal reason for that. I will tell you about it when the time is right. I hope that you still want to follow me on my blog. I will soon come back with more step by step tut. etc.,so just hang in there, okey?

Those who Reach Touch the stars
dare to belive

This is my art journal page of today. It is Dylusions Big journal. On this page I've been using gesso, acrylic paint, stencils, promarker pens, gold and copper pens,  the text and the beautiful girl is from Rubber Dance stamps. You can find the stamps by clicing here. I've colored the girl with Promarker Pens.
If you have any questions don't be afraid to leave me a comment below.

I hope you come back soon. 

Hugs, Niti