fredag 9. oktober 2015

An illustrative Art journal page - the story of my life

Helo and welcome

Today is the day I'm going to tell you my dearest followers and friends whats up. I think there has been enough secrets now and I like to be honest.

I've been a little off and on at my blog now recently and it is because I have been (and is) very ill. Some days are worse than others and then I have to rest and not do anything at all, just lay down in a quiet and dark room.

I'm under examination and have been to many neurologists, now, Wednesday this week I was in the capital with a neurologist. I've always had a thought about which disease who have set up camp with me but I have not until now been the ascertainable from a neurologist that I suffer from M.E. - Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.
I have been referred to the very best specialists in this area in Norway; Haukeland Hospital in my hometown, where  I will get a proper assessment during the spring / summer 2016. As you probably understand by the long wait is very long queue to get to the assessment on the hospital. So I have to be patient and just rest as much as I can - and of course do some art. Art is therapy for me so when I feel a little better and is able to sit upright in a bright room I do crafting.

So, my dear friends this is my life story. And just to illustrate how I am feeling right now I made this Art Journal Page. I think it's speaks for it's self.....

I would greatly appreciate a note from you. Maybe you want to put words in my picture, or just say helo?

Big hugs, Niti/Anita
And always remember; Remember yesterday, Think of tomorrow, but Live today!
(because you never know you know.....)

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  1. Dear Anita, I am very sorry to hear about your health condition. ME is not a nice diagnosis to get, but the silver lining, I guess, is that it could have been even worse. I know you have been worried. At least you have some answers now so you know what is wrong. There is hope, my darling! I am glad you have art, is indeed good therapy.
    Your AJ page is beautiful... and sad at the same time. Thank you for sharing.
    Love you!

  2. Hiya hun, well I had just subscribed after seeing your gorgeous creations at Rubber Dance and liking a lot what I see here and then as I went down I found this post. It is spooky because my husband has ME and I have fibro and ME. I hope you get lots of help from your peoples/gp/doctor. It is a hard disease to cope with and sadly something I understand a lot. Keep up your art and play when you can manage it because it does help to distract the brain from all the other stuff that it is having to deal with. Hope you have a good weekend Karen x


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