mandag 1. august 2016

A concret jewelry with Rubber Dance stamps

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Now I've done something I've never done before, I have made jewelry - of concrete..... yep, you read correctly, jewelry of concrete. This was fun! I said to my self the same as my childhod hero, Pipi Langstrømpe once said; this I have never done before so I can surely :-)

After the jewelry was dried (about one day) I stamped with black Archival ink the beautiful Rubber Dance Texture Flowers and painted with bright yellow paint in the midle of the flower. Dots around the edge with my white pen.

So now you can see that Rubber Dance stamps also can be used to decorate Jewelry, bambambammmmm...... :-)

I've used this month's colors at Rubber Dance August Challenge. Hop over and join the Challenge - you can win awesome stamps. Read more here.

Join Our August Challenge:

So, that was that for today folks. I will soon come back and show a canvas where I among others have used napkins, Paint, and stamps of course :-)

Here is a litle sneak peek:

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  1. Nice! I've been wanting to make something with concrete ... maybe this is the gentle push I needed to actually DO it ;-) Thanks for sharing, Anita! I love it!


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