Thursday, 9 August 2018

My (almost) finished art-garden house

Hello and welcome
Today I want to show you my Garden art-house/Atelier/Craft House. This is a project that has taken over a year, and still the house is not completely finished. There are som details both inside and on the outside which is not finished yet.

Below there is a few (?) pictures to see what my house looks like, both inside and outside:

This house is aprox 42 square meter. My son, his half brother and my brother, have built the house for me from the foundation stone to the way it stands now. My husband has sparkled and painted inside, as well as set up the Kitchen. Thank you so much all of you for make my dream come true ❤

A little Kitchen for making coffe and tea etc.
My very soft and gooodie Daybed

The work table has my husband made

Some of the View. I can see the sea from my doors and windows when sitting at the table

We have many fruit trees in the garden. Can you tell? :-) Plums and Apples.

Some of my stuff

I have some old and some new things and furnitures in my house. I love mixing old and new.

More of my stuff

Here you can see some of my art journals

The table is 3,40 meters long and 1 meters wide

Even more of my stuff

I am very proud of my new house. And I'm sure I will have many nice moments here throughout the fall and winter. Painting, stamping, spraying, make books, and Jewelry, etc. etc., or just sit in my Daybed reading a book or an art Magazine. In this house there is room for everything.

In June, I invited some former colleagues over, and we had a great time. 

Here is some pictures from the outside. As you can see, the house is not completely finished yet outside, but I hope it will be completed now during the fall

I will also have a small wooden terrace on the front of the house

Thank you so much for visiting, Have a great week.

Hugs, Anita


  1. Anita, vilket helt fantastiskt hus och konststudio! Jag är riktigt avundsjuk <3 Önskar dig många härliga stunder där!

  2. Wow, what a beautiful little house. An inspirational place to create. Enjoy. Hugz

  3. Kan bekrefte at dette er et flott sted, eg gleder meg til å komme på besøk igjen her. Helt herlig!

  4. Helt fantstisk, Anita! Du har innredet veldig koselig, så her kan jeg tenke meg du kommer til å bruke myyye tid. Herlig med så digert bord, både til å lage ting og invitere til måltid med venner. Kos deg masse! Jeg er så glad på dine vegne!! ♥

  5. Wow what an amazing house, it looks so stylish and comfortable, and a sea view too! xx


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