mandag 11. september 2017

Collage art in a tiny junk journal - step by step

Hello and welcome

Today I want to show you a collage I made in my tiny home made junk journal.

This is how I made this:

I found a ugly page in my junk journal

I am a big collector of washitape, and now I finally got an opportunity to use some of my Collection :-)

I used my art knife and white paint and scraped a bit on here and there.

Then I used my fingers and even more white paint and made some circles.

I used some Art Crayons and Stabilo All pencil around the circles

On some of the white circles I glued down some old book paper

White and black splatters

I also used my regular pencil and scribble around the circles 

Then I fuzzy cut and glued down the butterflies, those two girls and the phrases. I also glued down some black sewing thread behind the elements.

Thank you so much for visiting. I will soon be back, stay tuned!

Hugs, Anita

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