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The Madonna from Norway - a different art journal spread

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Today I want to show you a art journal page I did for the Challenge at Aall and Create.
The 1. Challenge is Europe and this is my interpretation of this Challenge:

The base is the Norwegian very well-known artist, Edvard Munch. I have some texture in the background with white texture paste and a stencil, then I draw the Madonna of Edvard Munch on a pre painted paper, and glued her down on my art journal page. For this I use a pencil and the Stabilo all pencil.

I tore some pages out of my French-Norwegian dictionary and glued them down. Some mark making with pencil. Stamped the numbers 1894 and 1895 as are the years Munch used to paint Madonna. And therefore the blue thread that goes through the different elements. My hole pages elements is connected to each others.

AALL and Create: ITAC'17 - Challenge 1 Europe

A face - Madonna
Papers - The drawing and book page
Letters, numbers - Number Stamp (the year of the original painting)
Blue for the colour of the European Union, Union Jack - Blues & Greens
Ribbon, twine, string or lace - Blue Embroidery thread
Textures – take inspiration from history from ancient civilisations to the fall of the Berlin Wall - Texture with Modelig paste and stencil
Something both vintage and modern - Vintage Madonna with Modern drawing

#itac17 #itac17challenge1 #aallandcreate

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Hugs, Anita 💗

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