lørdag 28. mai 2016

Mushroom in my heart - Art Journal page

Hello and welcome!

Today I want to tell you about Mushrooms.

I looooove mushrooms! So when I was lucky to got these amazing mushrooms stamps from Rubber Dance with Helen Allen's wonderful tutorials was there is no doubt at all - of course I would try the tutorial 7 in the video accompanying Rubber Dance's Mushroom stamp set. The tutorial from Helen Allen is a very detailed and pleasing step by step video that not only shows you how to get the given result, but she also comes with tips and tricks along the way that you can use on other projects as well. Along with stamp set and the video you also get a list of what you need to create the same projects. There are a total of 10 videos in which she deals with, among other cards, art journal pages and a mini bok.Take a look at the intro video which I've linked below so you get a little more information about what you get if you buy this stamp kit with videos. It is definitely worth the money!
This was so much fun that I actually had to make two Art Journal pages in two different books. The one I made after Helen Allen's tutorial step by step bothcolor and text. The second that I made, I've used some other colors, as well as another text which I have written with my Fineline Applicator in Norwegian.

I also have a blog post today over at Rubber Dance Skandinavian blog where I also write about mushroom - in Norwegian. You can hop over and check it out here.

The Mushroom stamp set and 10 video tutorials can be purchased both at Helen's Etsy Shop and on Rubber Dance Stamps website, and there are links to both below, There is also a link to Helen's intro video.


That was all for now folks, I hope to see you again soon. Have a wonderful and creative day!

Hugs, Anita

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  1. Super Cool AJ pages, Anita! Using mushrooms is a bit out of the ordinary, and that's what's so fun - to try something new and different sometimes. Do you really have 11 AJ's? WOW ... I have barely one, hehe. But then again I am the first and foremost a card maker, and of cards I have drawers and boxes full ...
    Very nice to hear how much you like Helens tutorials. She keeps impressing me with her tips and great ideas. I've followed her on youtube for 2 years now.
    Thanks for the great post and cool AJ pages!

  2. Fun and happy journal pages ♥
    Michelle ♥


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