lørdag 21. mai 2016

Recycled paper bag - from brown to bling

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I've been shopping at Søstrene Grene. That is a Danish interior design-, stationery-, gift wrapping-, kitchen goods- and Craftstore. When you shop in their store you will get all your items in a paper bag like this:

After watching one of Marta Lapkowska's tutorials in YouTube I'l get very inspired to amp up the bag. So after prepping it with gesso I realy pimp it up with modeling paste, thread, Lindys Stamp Gang sprays, Distress sprays, and Lindys Stamp Gangs Magicals.

When everything was properly dried I draw a heart on a old Music sheet and cut it out and glued it down at the bag. I also stamped this adorable woman from Rubber Dance on a tissue paper and tear it out and glued it down on the bag. When all this was dried I colored the lady with Promarkers pens. And I used black and white Gelatos for shading around the heart.

Around the edges of the bag I used some black acrylic paint and VOILA a bling bag instead of a brown bag.

What do you think about this bling bag? Did you get inspired to never ever again throw a brown paper bag but just pimp it up? ☺

Thank you for visiting me! I wish you a very nice and creative day!

Hugs, Anita

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  1. What a lovely shopping bag, Anita! I love Søstrene Grene and will never toss away one of their paper bags after seeing this :-) Thank you so much for the inspiration! ♥


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