onsdag 27. januar 2016

A colorful wooden box with dragonflies

Hello my creative friends ☺

I promised you last week i my blog post that I would come back and show you something I was doing these days and which I think was absolutely beautiful and here it is: DADAAAA!! ☺

It's a wooden box in the size of 40 cm X 30 cm I first painted the box with white acrylic paint then I build layers by layers with several colours using my fingers, baby wipe and stencils until I get the results that I wanted. When I was happy with the results I drew the dragonflies with black Posca Pen. Then I used a baby wipe and my fingers dipped in gesso, some pink and some turquoise acrylic paint and painted around the dragonflies.

I must admit that I was inspired by the great artist Nika Rouss (nikainwonderland) when I made this.
I thought it became absolutly georgeous. What do you think?

Sometimes I think it's nice to paint other than just canvas and Art Journal, etc.

Here is some details:

I hope you have a wonderfull day!
I will soon come back, don't go away.

Hugs, Anita

fredag 22. januar 2016

A creative weekend in Oslo

Hello and welcome my beautiful creative friends ♥

Today I want to tell you about a great adventure I was on last weekend. I was in Oslo and visit a new friend, Liven and her friend Mona  who live near by. We became acquainted through a creative art Facebook group. How cool is that!!? Me, visiting someone a whole weekend which was totally unknown until that weekend...
We had a great time - a hole weekend in her atelier just having fun with Paint, Stencils, Gelliplate, Stamps, old newspapers, old cabin guest books etc. I even slept in the atelier ☺LoL

Liven in her atelier
Me reading a newspaper, Aftenposten, from 29. april 1940...
Atelier and my bed for the weekend
And here is the creative women
And of course I have to show you some of the amazing art that was made during the weekend:

Gelliplate art on old cottage guest books sheets

This stencil was made by Liven (http://m.facebook.com/LivSglede)

I have to tell you - this weekend was like a fairytale one dream weekend unparalleled that I will never forget. Thank you, Liven and Mona and Liven's husband who was chef and fender ☺
There was much laughter, joy, aspirations and creativity. 

I hope this was inspiring for others to do the same. Come along for a weekend and be creative!

I will soon come back and show you the results of my recent work as I mentioned in my previous blog post. Make sure to stay tuned!

Hugs, Anita

torsdag 14. januar 2016

A sneak peek

Hello and welcome
Today I will give you a sneak peek of what I'm working on these days

Hope you will come back soon and you'll see the final result. I promise you it's going to be awesome! ☺

Hugs, Anita

søndag 10. januar 2016

A litle birdie told me.....

Hello and welcome

This is my newest Art Journal page, with some painting, stenciling, stamping and drawing.

I drew the bird on a written sheet, colored him with my Neocolor II and waterbrush, and cut him out and glue him down on my page.

The sentiment stamp is from Rubber Dance and the branch with leaves on it's my own design, homemade stamp. 

A little birdie told me that I need to start thinking more of myself and do more of what I love to do - crafting. So that is my promise to my self for the year 2016: make more art ♥

I hope you have a wonderful sunday! Take care and come back soon ♥

Hugs, Anita

fredag 8. januar 2016

My thoughts - My Art Journal - Always kiss me goodnight

Always kiss me goodnight

Sometimes when the days are the darkest, I'm very happy that I have my hobby, and that I am an art journalist. Then I disappear into my room and Paint, Stamp and draw me a better day. I can express my feelings through the art and do not have to relate to people who may not understand and just makes my day worse....

I have a disease that is very difficult to understand. Even for me. I was told to live with it and not fight it. It is very difficult, but I try. I realy try.

This page I made yesterday when I suddenly came to think that; I want to be loved, I want to be useful and not least I want to live. This was the result of my thoughts yesterday:

Always kiss me goodnight

It's a Norwegian proverb that says: "Elsk meg når jeg fortjener det minst, det er da jeg trenger det mest". And that is soooo true.

I wish you a very nice weekend and I hope you soon will come back.
Please leave me a comment - I very much appreciate it! Take care!

Hugs, Anita

torsdag 7. januar 2016

Fun fun fun with Gelli Plate and Package Tape

Hello and Happy New Year!

I am finaly back in my Craft room after a looong holiday ☺ I am so ready for doing some art no so I'm just starting by showing you my latest artwork:

This I made on my Gelli Plate, and I would like to show you step by step how I did this:

1. Take your Gel Printing Plate, cover some space with Delipaper. If you don't have Delipaper like me, you can use bakingpaper from your Kitchen.


2. Roll on acrylic paint with one or two colors. I've used two colors here; green and yellow

3. Find some stamps you want to use. I've used stamps from Rubber Dance.

4. Stamp all over your Gelli plate with different colors and different stamps.

5. Let it all dry. It is very important that it is all completely dry. This technique will not work if the paint is still wet.

6. Take your package tape and tape side by side all over your Gelli plate. Start at the top of your plate and tape all the way down. Make shore you're not overlapping.

7. Pull the tape of and then turn the backside up on your workingtable and ad some Metal Leaf in silver, gold or copper here and there on the tape where there is no paint. Don't use to much of the leaf, just a tiny bit here and there.

8. Ad colours on the open space where it's still sticky with Pan Pastel or Perfect Pearls with a brush. Use different color and different media on each strip for variation.

9. Clean your brush betwen the layers on a silicon mat.

Here is the final results, strips in beautiful bright colours and patterns. It's much more colorful and bright in reality. Try it and you will see ☺

You might use these colorful glossy strips to paste in your Art Journal as a window with a frame, like I will do.

And with this colourful beauty I'm joining the fun at:
Scrapiness - Utfordring #11: Mixed Media Desember/Januar - Using a lot of media like Gelli Plate, Tape, stamps, Paint, inks, Perfect Pearls, Pan Pastel and Bakingpaper.
Anything but cute - Challenge #9 - Ring out the Old, Bring in the New - My New is a New technique, using Package Tape as a Canvas, Metal Leaf and Bakingpaper.

All the stamps I've been used is from Rubber Dance. If you want to buy some stamps from Rubber Dance remember to use the code Anita2016 and you will get 15 % of on your purchase.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that you come back soon. Please leave me a comment, I very much appriciate it!

Hugs, Anita

tirsdag 5. januar 2016

This is my Art Journal - let art and mind fly

Hello and Happy New Year!

Today I want to show you my Art Journal page in my brand New small Art Journal today. I've just recived those wonderful stamps from Rubber Dance and wanna do some fun with them.

It's not just for card making, you can also use those stamps in art Journal as I have done, and you can use them on canvas, on Gelli Plate and even on clay. I will soon show you something I have made of clay and Rubber Stamps. Make shore to stay tuned ☺

This fits well to the challenge on the English blog as well ☺ Black/white and a chosen colour:

My choise was Black & white and pink. You can buy all the stamps at Rubber Dance. Remember to use code Anita2016 when ordering and you will get 15% off your entire purchase.

This is from the set:

I hope you come back and visit soon again. Thank you for visiting

Hugs, Anita