fredag 8. januar 2016

My thoughts - My Art Journal - Always kiss me goodnight

Always kiss me goodnight

Sometimes when the days are the darkest, I'm very happy that I have my hobby, and that I am an art journalist. Then I disappear into my room and Paint, Stamp and draw me a better day. I can express my feelings through the art and do not have to relate to people who may not understand and just makes my day worse....

I have a disease that is very difficult to understand. Even for me. I was told to live with it and not fight it. It is very difficult, but I try. I realy try.

This page I made yesterday when I suddenly came to think that; I want to be loved, I want to be useful and not least I want to live. This was the result of my thoughts yesterday:

Always kiss me goodnight

It's a Norwegian proverb that says: "Elsk meg når jeg fortjener det minst, det er da jeg trenger det mest". And that is soooo true.

I wish you a very nice weekend and I hope you soon will come back.
Please leave me a comment - I very much appreciate it! Take care!

Hugs, Anita

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