søndag 15. juli 2018

En liten påminnelse om utfordringen hos Rubber Dance

Hei og velkommen, jeg titter bare innom for å mine deg om utfordringen som foregår hos Rubber Dance. Du har fremdeles noen dager igjen til å være med.

Jeg har laget denne tagen for å inspirere deg:

Månedens tema er altså å bruke fargene hvit og sort og en valgri farge og/eller vinger og/eller fjær.

Jeg har tatt utgangspunkt både i fargene og så har jeg brukt sommerfuglvinger bak damen.

Materialer brukt:
- Tag
- Blonde tag dies
- Sort og hvit kartong
- Archival Ink Sort
- Bånd
- Distress Oxide

Stempler fra Rubber Dance:
- Butterfly Trio
- Resting Woman
- Vintage Script

Tusen takk for at du kom innom bloggen min en tur. Håper du blir med på utfordringen hos Rubber Dance. Du finner den her.

Klem, Anita

torsdag 12. juli 2018

Tegning Inspirert av en Deep Purple låt

Hei og velkommen, det er meg igjen.

Jeg ble så grådig inspirert av den nydelige låten av Deep Purple, Soldier of Fortune at jeg var nødt til å tegne en vindmølle. Hvorfor ikke, liksom, hvorfor ikke vindmølle? 😊

Jeg synes vindmøller er vakre. Både de litt gammeldagse whimsy og de moderne høye tynne. Vindmøllen min måtte jo ha masse farge. Jeg elsker jo farger. Så etter å ha tegnet den først med blyant, deretter en sort penn, tok jeg frem Dina Wakley's Scribble Sticks og en pensel og ga farge til vindmøllen min. Dernest ble det litt doodling med Faber Castell Pitt Artist pens i de samme koordinerende farger.

Ved siden av vindmøllen har jeg skrevet litt av teksten til Soldier of Fortune;
I have often told you stories about the way
I lived the life of a drifter
Waiting for the day
When I'd take your hand and sing you songs
Then maybe you would say
"Come lay with me and love me"
And I would surely stay
But I feel I'm growing older
And the songs that I have sung
Echo in the distance
Like the sound
Of a windmill going round
Guess I'll always be a soldier of fortune

Hmmm…..tegne flere vindmøller? Tja, hvorfor ikke?

Tusen takk for at du besøkte bloggen min i dag. Håper at du kommer innom ved en senere anledning også.

Ønsker deg en vakker dag.

Klem, Anita

søndag 1. juli 2018

Lett som en fjær - ny utfordring hos Rubber Dance

Hei og velkommen,
i dag er det en ny utfordring hos Rubber Dance. Jeg har laget dette kortet for din inspirasjon.

Dette kortet har jeg laget ved å stemple fjærene side ved side med sort Archival ink. De fargerike fjærene har jeg farget ved bruk av gele platen, og så har jeg stemplet dem med prikker og stjerner etterpå og limt dem på med limpistol. Teksten har jeg først stemplet på hvit kartong, og så har jeg klippet en ut og limt oppå kortet med 3D puter.

Jeg håper du vil være med på utfordringen denne måneden. Du kan vinne heder og ære på Rubber Dance sin blogg, samt at du kan vinne 12 Euro kupong (tilsvarer ca. 120 kroner) som du kan bruke i Rubber Dance sin nettbutikk. Les mer her.

Utfordringer går ut på å enten bruker fargene hvit og svart og en valgfri farge og/eller bruker vinger/fjær.

Materialer brukt:

- Hvit kartong
- Sort Archival ink
- Gelli plate
- Hvite fjær

Stempler fra Rubber Dance:
- Fjær
- Congratulations!
- Små prikker og stjerner

Når du handler i nettbutikken husk å bruke koden ASFreeShip, da får du gratis frakt dersom du kjøper for 15 Euro eller mer.

Tusen takk for at du besøkte bloggen min i dag. Legg gjerne igjen en hilsen, det setter jeg veldig stor pris på. Ønsker deg en fortryllende dag.

Klem, Anita

fredag 1. juni 2018

Just adore me - a new challenge

Hello and welcome! 

Today there is a new Challenge over at Rubber Dance. The color is Ultramarine Blue, Turquoise and Sandstone. The theme is make a tag. I choose both, colour and theme.

I made a tag and used Dina Wakleys Paint in blue, turqouise and cheddar with a brush and water so I got this cool effect.

Then I stamped the sentence, the elephant and the leaves on Dina Wakleys Tissue paper, cut them out and glued them on the tag. I used Tim Holtz Distress Crayons in Grey and Brown to color the elephant.

Around the edges and for shadowing I used black Distress Crayons. White Paint for the splatters.

Here are some details of the tag:

The Rubber Dance challenge runs until the end of the month. You can use the colours and/or make a tag.  Don't forget if you are shopping at Rubber Dance you can get free worldwide shipping with my code ASFreeShip when you spend over €15! 

Thank you for visiting. 

Hugs, Anita

mandag 28. mai 2018

I haven't been everywhere but it's on my list - An art journal spread for a travel dreamer

Hello and welcome!

I love to travel. I have been in many different countries during my almost 50 years of life. I have been in Sweden, Denmark, England, Croatia, Austria, Ireland, Spain, Italy, France, Tallinn, The Netherlands, Thailand, Bali and Mauritius. And of all the countries and cities I've been to, it's one country I totaly falled in love with, and I dreaming of returning to maaaany  many times, and that is Mauritius. 
What a wonderful country! A beautiful People! Imagine that so many religions can live so close together on an island without war.....The largest group, 48%, is Hindus. 32.7% are Christians, with the Catholic Church as the largest church community. 17.3% of the population belongs to Islam. And they live together in harmony. I love the Mauritus People. 

Me, my husband and our daughter who was one year at that time spend a month on Mauritus in 2014. We also get married there, so I have many good and lovely memories from this beautiful island.

This art journal spread is my homage to the country I felt so deeply in love with.

 And with this I also participate in Dina Wakley's and Rangers' #ShowusyourMEdia challenge this month as having theme travel.

Materials used:
- Art journal
- Dina Wakley's stamps: Scribbly Insects and Funky Journal Shapes
- Dina Wakley's Paint - color: Lime, Marine, Ocean, Tangerine, Cheddar and     Lemon
- Collage Words
- Collage paper
- Black and white pen
- Dina Wakley's Ultra Thin Gel Medium

Some details:

Thank you for visiting! 

Hugs, Anita

tirsdag 1. mai 2018

For the love of it - Mixed Media Jewelry and a new Rubber Dance Challenge

Hi and welcome
this month there is a new Challenge over at Rubber Dance blog, and I have made some Jewelry for the inspiration:

Please join the Challenge, it is very fun, and you can win great prices.

For the Jewelry I've used round Tags, acrylic Paints in the color dark red, lime green and violet, Gel plate, Metal embellishments, Necklace and Stamps.

The stamps is from Rubber Dance:
- La Mappa
- Vintage postcard
- Think again (the heart)

Hope to see you in the Challenge.
Take care.

Hugs, Anita

onsdag 25. april 2018

What I admire - a confidences in my art journal

Hello and welcome,

I want to show you an art journal page I made for the ShowusyourMEdia challenge this month.

The theme is to create a piece of art about what you admire. Is it a grand admiration or is it small and simple? How does what you admire enrich your life?

I admire people who brighten up my day and are happy which gives more of themselves than what they take, Those who dare to show happiness and joy. Happiness is what I admire the most.

Happy People enrich my life by beeing happy. You happy, me happy. That is very contagious.

 I have used the burlap page in my Dina wakley Media journal. I stamped the woman on cardboard. Cut out in a square and stretched around with a black pen. Outside the frame I wrote "I admire people who brighten up my day and are happy which gives more of themselves than what they take".

Materials:- Dina Wakley's Media Journal
- Dina Wakley's Scribbly women stamp
- Dina Wakley's Circle Script stamps
- Dina Wakley's Scribble sticks
- Dina Wakley's Collage paper
- Archival ink in black and pink
- Black pen
- White cardstock
- Dina wakley's Ultra thick Matte Medium

Thank you so much for stopping by! Take care. And remember; "Always look on the bright side of life..."

Hugs, Anita