onsdag 24. januar 2018

Pouring Art on canvas

Hello and welcome!

Yesterday I participated in something called Pouring course. It was a course that was held by a local art store here in the city where I live. I had a great time doing this. Pouring is also called Floritol Art, and probably other things as well. I think this is my thing. I love this technique, it is so unpredictable.

Here are some pictures from the course, and some of my canvas where I've used this Pouring technique:
This is my make on the course. The Paint is still very wet. It has to dry for a couple of days.

This is the teacher and the owner of the Art Store, Malepaletten, showing this fun technique for us.

These two are canvases I made before the course with the Pouring technique

I will show you the finish result of my canvas I made on the course when it's dry. 

You will definitely see more of this in the future 😊 

Thank you for visiting! I will soon come back with a video tutorial on how to decorate my Mini File Folder Art Journal. You who follow me know what I am talking about. If not click here to find out. 

Hugs, Anita❤ 

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