mandag 22. januar 2018

Making a Mini File Folder Art Journal - tutorial

Hello and welcome.

I have made a series on how to make a Mini File Folder Art Journal and how to decorate it.

My idea is to make a book filled with humor. It's so small that it can be with me in my purse and I can draw and doodle whenever I want to. My thought is that it will be a never ending book. I can add more pages with ex. washi tape, I can draw and doodle and make marks. I can add bits and pieces, you know - everything is allow in mixed media.

I hope you will enjoy my tutorials. I plan to come back with more videos where I decorate the pages.

This is how I make the Mini File Folder Art Journal:

This is how I sew it togheter:

Thank you for visiting!

Hugs, Anita

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  1. Looks fun to make! Thank you for sharing how you did it. I look forward to seeing it filled up when you've decorated the pages ♥


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