torsdag 25. januar 2018

Decorating the front cover of Mini File Folder Art Journal - video tutorial - Step three

Hello and welcome!
I have made a series on how to make a Mini File Folder Art Journal from the start to finish. This is a tutorial on how I decorated the front cover of the Mini File Folder Art Journal. There will also be videos of how to decorate the pages inside the book. I will show you a lot of fun techniques and a lot of very funny pictures with hilarious texts designed by Betsy Skagen. 
My idea is to make a book filled with humor. It's so small that it can be with me in my purse and I can draw and doodle whenever I want to. And I can just take a look at the pages/pictures the book when I feel a bit down.
My thought is that it will be a never ending book. I can add more pages with ex. washi tape, I can stamp, I can draw and doodle and make marks. I can add bits and pieces, you know - everything is allow in mixed media.

I hope you will enjoy the video.

Tomorrow I come back with a new video on how to decorate a page inside the Mini Art Journal with a image/focal point designed by Betsy Skagen as mentioned above. Here is a sneak peak:

The printables I've used on the front of my Mini File Folder Art Journal is from Mixed Up Magazine Merhandise.

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