mandag 9. oktober 2017

Tips and Tricks Monday - Wonderful and inspiring cards and stickers for the Happy Planner Calendar

Hello and welcome!

Monday morning blues... I had a wonderful weekend!
Especially Saturday because I had four very good girlfriends over, where we chatted and solved all problems in the world, drank delicious wine and ate deer pot (which my husband had made for us).
Such moments are precious. I get very sick after such nights because of my illness, but sometimes I just have to live a little too. I hope you had a wonderful and memorable weekend too. 

Today I want to show you a great way to use, for example, the Rubber Dance stamps:

I have extremely much design paper lying around.I have a whole shelf of paper in various colors and patterns, and when I sat looking at my shelf the other day, I thought hmmmm ...... why not? Why not make some cards I can use in my Big Happy Planner?

Instead of buying expensive stickers and cards from the calendar manufacturers, we can make them ourselfs. Right? 

You can even use them in other projects such as in art journal, or give them away as small cozy presents along with a box of chocolate or a bottle of wine.

Of course I do not want to use everyone at once over my calendar, I just put them up to show you all I've made :-) 

Stamps used in this project is: 

All of the stamps I've used on this project you can find in the Rubber Dance online store.
You can of course also use the other stamps that are not text on either, or both. For example, a flower and a nice phrase. Such I want to make now. Now I was actually a little inspired by myself    LoL :-)

I hope I also inspired you a little. Next monday I will come back with another little tips or tricks or both :-) 

Thank you so much for visiting! 

Hugs, Anita 

4 kommentarer:

  1. Hi Anita. What a great idea! When you see all the sayings displayed this way you can see just how fabulous they.Dot x

  2. These are great Anita. what fun to have these ready to add to projects or maybe include in a little happy mail. Hope you feel better soon. Look, the sun is shinning!!!! Thanks for the inspiration. Hugz

  3. I think these are brilliant Anita, just ready and waiting to be used. I hope you've recovered from your weekend. Sue xx

  4. Wonderful idea! I haven't thought of using my text stamps this way, but I LOVE it!! Thank you so much for the inspiration! ♥
    PS: I agree that even if we need time to recover after having friends over, we do need to live a little! ;-)


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