søndag 1. oktober 2017

Be true to you - wall decoration with MixedUp Magazine's Merchandise printables

Hello and welome,
today, October 1th, there is a new issue of Mixed Up Magazine out, and in this number I represent this project where I have used printables from MixedUp Magazine's Merchandise. These are some freebies that is being offered on the Mixed Up Mag blog during October.  

The background/fence are ice sticks that my four year old daughter has gathered for me after she has eaten her ice cream. 

I have washed them and painted them, first with a slightly darker green color, then I used Tim Holtz crackle paint and on top of that I used a slightly lighter green color.

I have colored the ribbons and the shoes to the girls red and yellow to match the flowers.
And I have used black pen around the people and brown distress ink around the edge of the other elements.I have punched holes in two of the sticks to pull the rope through and hang it up on the wall.

These free printables is so fun! There is a lot of poosibilities. Keep an eye out for them on the Mixed Up Blog during October!

Thank you for visiting. 

Hugs, Anita 

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