lĂžrdag 16. september 2017

Sombody down there likes me - a creepy art journal page

Hello and welcome

As I have announced earlier am I one of the lucky MixedUp Magazine Merchandise teamies, and today I want to show you an art journal page I did with the Merchandise Printables.

There are very many cool and fun and beautiful printables in the Etsy store. If you have not visited it yet, you need to do it now by clicking here.

On this project i've used Registrar's Document for the girls dress, I've used Scary Words for the Centiment, and the litle creepy lady is Cabinet Maggie

The face of the girl is cut out from a fashion magazine, and I made some loops of embroidery thread and glued them on to her hair.

My debut on the MixedUp Magazine blog will be at October 5th. I hope you will visit and see what I've made out of these wonderful printables. Here is a sneak peak:

There will also be a step by step on how I did the project. Hint hint 😉

Thank you for visiting. And do remember; somebody down there likes you bwaaaahahahahoohoho....

Hugs, Anita 

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