mandag 4. september 2017

Aall and create challenge - trip to Asia on a tag

Hello and welcome.

We have been without the internet for a while and finally today we got it back. Amazing how dependent we are on the small cable  😄 So now I have a lot to catch up with.

I will start with Aall and Create ITAC 2017 - Challenge 2, which is Asia, and this is my interpretation of  the Asia challenge:

Motifs inspired by mandalas
· Geometric shapes
· Tiles - ceramic, pantiles, glazed tiles, or their designs...
· Asiatic flowers, such as cherry blossom, chrysanthemum, orchids, lotus, Frangipani, lilies, hibiscus etc..
· Calligraphy or handwriting
· Fabric, faded or dyed
· Powdered pigments

Thank you for visiting. I will soon come back with more fun and some very good news - especially for me 😉

Hugs, Anita 

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