mandag 28. august 2017

A tiny tag inside a tiny junk journal

Hello and welcome,

today I want to show you my interpretation of the August Challenge at Dina Wakleys Media Tribe on facebook.

It's the top of a tiny tag, inside my tiny junk journal. I've used Dina Wakley's Paint in colors Magenta, Lime and Turquoise. The rose is a cut out from a Magazine and the sentence is cut out from a old book ("The sea is never completely black", in Norwegian).

I will soon come back and show you more inside my tiny junk journal. Stay tuned! 

I wish you a wonderful and creative day.

Hugs, Anita

#showusyourMEdia #rangerink

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  1. Fun way to use a tag in an AJ! Hope you have a sunny day!


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