tirsdag 20. oktober 2015

Make your own (art) book - step by step

Hello and welcome

Today I want to show you something awsome! I have found a new super hobby: Make my own book. Yes, you read correctly, I have made my own book, and it was awsome. I looooove it! I want to do more of this!

The front of the book
The back of the book
Of course I will show you step by step how I did it

Here is a overlock picture from my worktable:

As binders I have used cardboard in size 15 x 20,5 cm. I have outside of the cardboard glued down a piece of fabric and sewn onto a heart in the lace fabric. I've sewn and glued back and glued gauze surface before I measured, cut and paste on cardboard.

And inside the book? Well,  there is everything from notes, sketches, recipespainting techniquesartworks of my little daughter at 2 1/2, and drawings from other kids that have been visiting and drawed og painted, knitting patterns, interior design tips, etc. Yes, everything that interests me it is this book. It's both, handwritten as well as cutout form magazines and old book etc.

There are also bits of whimsy and envelopes in this book. This is an brilliant way to reuse. Take all you have left of your bills (after you have paid them off course), advertising, wallpaper remnants, fabrics .... well everything goes, it's just your imagination that stop you

Everything is in A4 format and then I folded the sheets so that they then become A5.

I put them together every four sheets fold them out and sew with a sewing machine in the middle. It goes about 15 such batchers in one book.

Art from my daughter :-)

I hope I inspired you to do your own (art) book. It was very fun to do, I promise you :-)

Now I am gonna make a Christmas (art) book. I can show you it when I'm done, so make shore you stay tuned so you don't miss a thing ;-)

If you have any question just use the comment field below. I hope to see you soon. Thank you so much for stopping by. And if you make you own book I would looove to see it - please send me a picture of it.

Hugs from ME 2 YOU

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