onsdag 21. oktober 2015

Happy Birthday!

Hello and welcome

Today, just because I have birthday, I want to show you my canvas that I made - inspired by the very talented Nika (nikainwonderland), for a present to my self :-))

Happy birthday to me and everyone else who has a birthday today!

I wish you a very nice day! Thank you for stopping by. See you soon.

PS. Come and visit me tomorrow, okey? (There is something going on.....)


5 kommentarer:

  1. Happy birthday yesterday, Niti dear! Your canvas is GORGEOUS!! Best birthday pressie a girl can get, isn't it? :) A little something from me is on its way in the mail .... ;)

  2. Thank you dear Bibi <3 You are wonderful! I can't wait to receive the little something ;-) <3 Hugz

  3. I popped over to look closer at some of your Rubber Dance DT creations and this beautiful canvas caught my eye. It's gorgeous! Love, love, love it! Karen x

  4. A very belated birthday wish. Love your bright canvas. What a lovely present. I think we should make more things for ourselves. At least you can guarantee it's a present you will like ROFL LOL. Hugz


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