mandag 28. mai 2018

I haven't been everywhere but it's on my list - An art journal spread for a travel dreamer

Hello and welcome!

I love to travel. I have been in many different countries during my almost 50 years of life. I have been in Sweden, Denmark, England, Croatia, Austria, Ireland, Spain, Italy, France, Tallinn, The Netherlands, Thailand, Bali and Mauritius. And of all the countries and cities I've been to, it's one country I totaly falled in love with, and I dreaming of returning to maaaany  many times, and that is Mauritius. 
What a wonderful country! A beautiful People! Imagine that so many religions can live so close together on an island without war.....The largest group, 48%, is Hindus. 32.7% are Christians, with the Catholic Church as the largest church community. 17.3% of the population belongs to Islam. And they live together in harmony. I love the Mauritus People. 

Me, my husband and our daughter who was one year at that time spend a month on Mauritus in 2014. We also get married there, so I have many good and lovely memories from this beautiful island.

This art journal spread is my homage to the country I felt so deeply in love with.

 And with this I also participate in Dina Wakley's and Rangers' #ShowusyourMEdia challenge this month as having theme travel.

Materials used:
- Art journal
- Dina Wakley's stamps: Scribbly Insects and Funky Journal Shapes
- Dina Wakley's Paint - color: Lime, Marine, Ocean, Tangerine, Cheddar and     Lemon
- Collage Words
- Collage paper
- Black and white pen
- Dina Wakley's Ultra Thin Gel Medium

Some details:

Thank you for visiting! 

Hugs, Anita

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