lørdag 16. desember 2017

Reuse of a red wine wooden box - From wine storage to art

Hello and welcome,
I know it's been very long since I've shown you something on my blog. But you who know me and who follow me probably know why. Anyhow here is a fun project I want to share with you:

This is a wooden box of red wine that I received for Christmas last year. I have been drinking the wine a long time ago :-) 

I started with some gesso and paint:

And then I used the napkin and glued it into the background inside and also tore it into pieces an glued it on the outside of the Box.

Those little People is from Tim Holtz Collection. 

I used fishing laces to hang up the stars. I used 3D foam glue to attach light to the ceiling of the Box.

What do you think of my project? I think I need more wooden boxes :-) 

Thank you for visiting!

Hugs, Anita

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