mandag 6. november 2017

Tips & Tricks Monday - Use your stamps to decorate your Travelers Journal/Planner/Kalender

Hello and welcome,
today it is Tips & Tricks Monday again. Because it is monday. New week, new possibilities, right?

This time I thought to show you that stamps and paint etc. can be used to decorate your calendar or planner. You do not have to buy expensive stickers when you can make it yourself. Much cheaper and much more original:
Here is the outside of one of the notebook inside my Travelers Journal

I made a pocket on the inside. I sew some stitches around the edge before I glued it on.

I used the flower stalk stamp from the Crazy Flowers #1 set to make lines to write on

All the stamps I have used on this project is from Rubber Dance

Here I first stamped the flower, then used white gesso and painted inside the flower. Secondly, I have stamped over there again and voila I got white flowers.

Here is my Travelers Journal on the outside. I have it with me all the time, I write, I plan, I draw, I stamp, I paint, I note. Yes, this is my good companion.

Stamps I have used on this project are:
Crazy Flowers #2

Crazy Flowers #1
Bling Bling!

Thank you so much for visiting. 
I would have greatly appreciated if I could get a feedback if these Tips and Tricks Monday is appreciated, or is it just waste of time 😊

Hugs, Anita

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  1. Fantastic idea Anita, love the bright pops of colour too
    Donna xx

  2. Gorgeous planner, Anita! Love how you used the flower stem stamps to make lines to write on. Thank you for sharing! ♥


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