tirsdag 8. desember 2015

Simple but elegant Watercolor art

Hello and welcome my dearest friends.

Are there more than me who is a little too busy now before Christmas so that there is too little time left for crafting? It's only to look forward to Christmas is over so we can continue what we like the best ☺

Today I'll show you a picture I created using watercolors and stamp.  The beautiful flowerstamp is from Rubber Dance. Simple but elegant, don't you think?

Remember to use the code Anita2015 in the Rubber Dance online store to get 15 % off of all you're buying!

I hope to see you soon again. Take care!

Hugs, Anita

2 kommentarer:

  1. Wooaahhh, that's gorgeous, Anita!! I LOVE the watercolor background and I think the flower stamp looks really great in back - like a silhouette!
    Thanks, darlin'!

  2. Jeg kommer til at tænke på det smukke nordlys, når jeg ser den fantastisk flotte akvarel du har malet.
    Tak for din julehilsen, du må også have en god jul og et godt nytår.
    Kram fra København, Susan


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