lørdag 21. november 2015

Flower Power - A tribute to Mimi Bondi

Hello and welcome

today the winter has arrived to Norway and my hometown Bergen. When I get up this morning the temperatur was about -1c (minus one celsius). Thats cold! But at least we have sunshine in Bergen and that's the great part ☺

Anyway, I am reading the fantastic book of Mimi Bondi from the Sunny side of life: "No shenanigans". Do you remember me getting the book? I told you about it on my previous blog post. You can see the blog post here

I have chosen one of her wonderful artwork and gone step by step and made this:

I just love these flowers and the intense colours. This is my preliminary favorite painting!

It's a bit odd to make warm flowers when it's winter out here ☺

I think it was absolutely gorgeous. Thank you so much, Mimi for your fantastic tutorials and inspiration. I must also say that I think it was very nice to read the book too. Many good tips and humor. I would recommend anyone to buy this! Yes, it was the current advertising *LoL*.

Thats all for today, folks. I will soon come back with more. Make sure to stay tuned ☺

Hugs, Anita

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  1. Oh how lovely to mention me in your blog post Anita! I am so glad to hear you love the book (and my silly humour hahaha). I am very excited to see what you created with Chapter 4, looks much better than mine 😊! Love from OZ, Mimi Bondi

    1. Awww ♥ thank you som much for your sweet comment, Mimi ♥ There is none that can compare with your art, but I must admit that I had a amazing time when I made this ☺ Thank you again for your wonderful book and your fantastic inspiration!

  2. Your picture is beautiful. The book is great isnt it!!! :)

    1. Thank you so much, Cheryl ♥ I love the book, it is so full of inspiration and sunshine! ☺


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